Best Super Hit Godzilla vs. The Kong 2021 Easter Egg


Meanwhile, Godzilla vs. Kong is a technical sequel to the other three films, mostly stand alone as a lonely adventure. After all, audiences who come to films with such titles are primarily due to the gruesome battles here, and blockbuster director Adam Wingard delivers on that level – and some. But when it comes to connective tissue for Godzilla from 2014, Kong: Skull Island from 2017, and Godzilla for 2019: King of the Monsters, it’s almost non-existent. Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler reinvented their roles in King of the Monsters, but none of the characters had much of an influence on the plot, and the human characters of Alexander Skarsgård and Rebecca Hall, who haven’t appeared in previous films, have much more to bargain for. live. Godzilla and King Kong.

But there is Godzilla vs Kong Easter Egg which connects this film with previous films that you will almost certainly miss because they are not exactly written in the film. You’ll have to read the text carefully to get to it, but it’s a big deal.

Top Easter Egg 2021

The character Ren Seridzawa, played by Shun Oguri, plays a very important role in the Godzilla story against Kong. As CEO of Apex Cybernetics, Demian Bichir’s technology company that makes all film technology possible, Serizawa led the development of Apex Mechagodzilla, a human-controlled Godzilla technology film. Serizawa controls Mehagodzila by inserting his brain into the skull of Gidora, the three-headed monster from the King of Monsters. Serizawa faces a brief ending when Gidora’s mind takes over the mechanics and kills the man inside, but this man is actually a descendant of the main character from the other films.