The Flash – The Day of the Flash 2021 Season 7 Special with Iris the New Flash

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The Flash a Fiction Superhero – DC Comics

The Flash

The Flash is an imaginary superhero appearing in a long series of American comic book publications produced by DC comics. The character was first introduced in Showcase #4, pencilled by artist Robert Kanigher and colored by artist Joe Resto. The Flash was introduced as an alternative to the more conventional superheroes of the time such as the Batman and Superman. The Flash was an experiment by DC that attempted to give the readers a look at what might be called “super human speed” using a formula that could be condensed into The Flash’s unique costume and attributes. The Flash was an immediate hit with readers and has remained so for the past seven seasons.


The Flash was an incredible hero whose real name was James Gordon and he worked with the police force. The Flash had a brother called Cisco, who was a science genius. The Flash acted as a liaison between the police force and the scientists studying the speed capabilities of people. He was the fastest man in the world apart from Superman. Obviously superman is super created by DC haha.

The Flash Comic Series

The Flash was featured in various comic series throughout the years including The Flash: Season One, The Flash: The New Year, The Flash: Firestorm, The Flash: Heroes, The Flash: Turbulence, The Flash: Last Rites, and The Flash: Truth. The Flash was also featured in a TV show on The WB Network called The Flash, which starred Tom Towel as The Flash. The TV show did not go very well and was cancelled after one episode. However, the comic book still continued to receive well received reviews.

Who Created The Flash

The Flash was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and was introduced in the comic book of the same name. The Flash was featured in numerous other comic books including The Flash: The Search, The Flash: Homecoming, The Flash: Forever Lost, The Flash: Flashbacks, The Flash: Dark Future, and the latest The Flash: The Day of the Flash. The Flash: The Day of the Flash was the first time that the character of The Flash was shown in any form since his debut in the television show. It was also interesting to see the Flash portrayed by actors portraying the roles of The Flash in the TV show rather than actors reenacting his scenes from the comics.

The Flash: The Day of the Flash was the last comic book written by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and it featured the return of The Flash after saving Gotham City during the Crisis. After saving the city, The Flash crashed into an airplane and was thrown through the window of an aircraft. He landed in a strange jungle and had several encounters with speedsters. Two of the speedsters The Flash flew with him were Cisco Ramon and Iris West. The Flash soon learned that the reason why he was thrown through the window of the plane was because his speedster partner, Cisco, had betrayed him and planned to use his knowledge of the Speed Force to jump-start a construction project.

The Flash All Time Favourite

The Flash: The Day of the Flash is one of my favorite superheros not only because it is the second most licensed comic book behind Batman but it is one of the best written books in the superhero’s series. The characters are great, the action is great, and the storyline is great. This is easily the best super book since the classic Batman cartoon. I highly recommend The Flash: The Day of the Flash to anyone who loves the comic book or the animated television show. The Day of the Flash is available on ComiXn and on numerous other online retailers. Check it out.