Which is Better GODZILLA or Kong Lets See


I entered Godzilla against Kong and was expecting a fair fight. Of course, I had a preconceived notion of who I wanted to win – Godzilla, the Monster King previously founded from MonsterVerse – but I didn’t want the film to be considered in his favor. Also, of course, I didn’t want him to be considered supporting Kong Kong, the previous ruler of MonsterVerse on Skull Island. I step into the picture and seek equal play time for each monster so that its ambiguous space of motivation can be involved and their battle can take place without a clear emotional bias so that we viewers need to “get rooted”. ”

About three minutes later, I immediately started laying roots for one of the monsters. And that’s not my son Godzilla. And I realized that director Adam Wingard’s intentions were impure, never designed that way. She made sure King Kong was our main character at the expense of love for poor Godzilla. And while I understand how she does it and why she does it, that doesn’t mean I like her.

What You Said?

Have you heard the critical rhetoric surrounding this film and the monster film in general? The idea that human characters don’t matter if we get a good monster slaughter, is it worth it? While I generally disagree with this argument (and my colleague Matt Goldberg has been kind enough to address MonsterVerse’s unfavorable dependence on this idea here), I can’t argue with the fact that Godzilla v. Kong is very interested in 0% human character. People walk in and out of the frame with no uniqueness, space, or intent, just to pinch the dialogue so we can come to terms with and maneuver them with the rest of the plot. The strip is barely alive when the monster takes the frame, even more so when taking out other monsters.