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It’s time, my friends! It’s a new month, which means lots of new movies and TV shows coming to Netflix – and of course some old favorites to revisit while streaming. If you’re wondering what’s new on Netflix this month, here’s a handy list of all the upcoming release and premiere dates.

NetFlix 2021 Whats Coming

This month’s highlights include the Idris drama Elba Concrete Cowboy, Netflix / BBC The true crime thriller miniseries The Serpent, Season 2 of the addicting reality show The Circle (which is releasing week after week this week in an unusual motion for Netflix), the new Jamie Sitcom. Fox “Daddy” Stop bothering me! And a very moving adaptation of the Shadow and Bone series. And a new documentary about Dolly Parton and David Attenborough in People Who Love Everyone.

Some of the April movies you should watch are Legal Blonde, The Master, Crimson Peak, and Insidious. And don’t sleep on the Synchronic. Super-smart and creepy sci-fi thriller Spring and endless directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead with Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan as two BFF paramedics who find a reality-changing drug while working its way to their rhythm. It has gotten a little lost in the turmoil of 2020 over the past year, but is well worth checking out.

Check out all of the new movies and shows from Netflix this month in the list below, along with their release dates and details.

Available. 4/1/21

Magic Andy: Season 2 – NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

The Andes traverse and unite the seven countries of South America and have always had different landscapes, adventures and histories. Find all of them.

Joke Game: Season 2 – ORIGINAL NETFLIX

Host Gaten Matarazzo pulls off a new season string of complex antics, from haunted houses to old cemeteries. Yes!