Bluejeans Gold that Never Become OLD Forever Stylish

Bluejeans Denime Style

Bluejeans have been in style for as long as I can remember. Certainly, they have been in style for my whole life. Although the style has changed from time to time, with bell bottoms coming and going and jeans getting tighter or looser, in general all the styles have seem to fit well. That is the whole point in blue jeans after all ñ they have this timeless good look to them based on comfort and cut. That is why the current style seems so silly to me.

baggy jeans img 1
baggy jeans img 1

I just cannot understand the baggy jeans look. Oh sure, I’ve worn somewhat baggy jeans before, but they were comfortable. That was the whole point after all. Baggy jeans, at least the way they used to be, were not ridiculously huge but just big enough to feel comfortable on you. The idea was that if you look comfortable, you feel comfortable, and people feel comfortable looking at you.

But the thing is that such jeans of today looks so cheao these days.

What People think about Baggy Jeans

I have seen baggy men’s jeans so big that people wearing them have to constantly hold onto them around the belt. If they let go, the jeans will fall down around their ankles. I have seen baggy women’s jeans that are made so large, and styled in such a way, that you cannot tell whether they are jeans or a denim skirt.

I have even seen people wearing designer jeans that are many sizes too large for them. Now what, I ask you, is the point of that? The whole thing with designer jeans is that they are supposed to be custom tailored to fit you as well as possible. If you are just wearing them as baggy jeans, all you are doing is wasting your money. After all, if you want jeans that don’t fit you right and hang down around your ankles, you can get any cheap pair of jeans you want as long as it is huge.

I thought baggy jeans would go the way of Hammer pants in a few years, but I guess I was wrong. They seemed like such a silly idea that I could not imagine people wearing them for a long time. I thought the teenagers who wore baggy jeans today would soon laugh at themselves and wonder how they could’ve gotten into a style that was so ridiculous. I guess that is how it is to be that age, though. Teens will do anything to fit in.